Compromised HiLine?

Where the weight of the cable is stressing the plastic sections of the plug there is a gap at what seems to be the point of greatest stress. Is this acceptable or the sign of damage?

Take the weight of the cable in one hand and massage plastic rings very gently. And then see how it then hangs.

OK, thanks, will give that a go.

Mine was exactly like that. And no, that’s not what it should look like - Naim repaired it without charge. Get your dealer to send it to Salisbury.

Oh dear! That’s what I feared.

Mine did that too but I did a massage on the rings and all is ok now. It’s also carrying most of the cable weight owing to the distance between the 82 and the nDAC.
There’s some rotational movement (more on the nDAC presumably for better decoupling) so adjust slightly so it’s central on the socket.

Yes, thanks for the advice - spacing is even again - it looks as if it just needed a tweak and that there’s no damage. The cable dressing altogether leaves something to be desired, but I will put that off for another day.

Glad it’s sorted. Yes, the dressing part can be fiddly but doable. Coffee and biscuits help :grin:

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