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Maybe it’s the boredom of lockdown, but just wondering aside from maim systems what forum members are using.

In particular computer speakers, dac or soundcard.
Was thinking of repurposing my AQ Cobalt USB DAC as I prefer wireless earphones.

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Hi @obsydian,
I have a pair of B&W MM1’s computer speakers connected to my PC and I find them superb, probably one of my favourite purchases of recent years (bought them 5 or 6 years ago I think).
The PC is in a bedroom designated ‘the study’!

However in these times of lockdown and living in a typically small UK house, I get little opportunity to listen to anything very loud, neither on the main system or on the PC.
So I bought the AQ Cobalt DAC to improve my headphone listening (Audeze EL8 closed backs) either for the PC or my mobile/tablet devices.

This is also where I’ve found Roon to be awesome, enabling me to get all my local and Tidal music to any device around the house depending on where I am sat via the one interface.

How do you think you will repurpose your AQ Cobalt?


Early morning error the AQ Cobalt is purely a headphone amp, but i assumed no reason why i could not connect the AQ Cobalt to my PC USB, the a 3.5mm to some speakers …

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In HiFi terms, this is the only forum that I use.
Oh - wait - I see. Almost exclusively Naim. The TV uses a Panasonic amplifier, and ATC loudspeakers. My PC uses Naim amplification and ATC speakers. The Kitchen has some sort of Sony group of companies music system.

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My typo of maim should have been MAIN.

I use these on the main computer. They are surprisingly capable. Acoustic Energy AE26-06B AEGO M 2.1’s.

Small satellite speakers made out of a cast metal and a reasonably chunky sub woofer.


Will look into these, thanks.

At the office (so obviously not for a few weeks):
AMB gamma2 DAC -> AMB mini3 -> Beyer Dynamic DT 531

At home (in no particular fixed setup):
Audio Engine A2
Audio Engine W3
Alessandro Music Series One (not sure if original or 2009, think latter)

That’s of course beside the main setup, working from home after all.

I haven’t had a desktop computer since 2007.

Muso QB in my small home office. Been wondering whether to replace with Atom/Neat Iotas (wall mounted), but that’ll have to wait a while I guess. Could control from iMac with Kazoo.


And my Qb’s of course

I have a pair of Bowers and Wilkins PX Bluetooth headphones. I use these when commuting, in the office at work, and at home when I’m not able to listen to my main system. Currently working from home, my main system is in use almost constantly, bit during “normal” times the PX’s get a significant amount of use. Despite being relatively inexpensive, and using Bluetooth, I find the sound to be surprisingly good with excellent levels of detail retrieval. My only criticism would be they have a slightly grey tonality, however I guess this is the price to pay for wireless convenience. Since buying them, I’ve found myself listening to more music given the convenience of them being wireless - which I definitely think is a good thing.

iMac - mojo - audeze el8closed back.

Sounds amazing, although I’m not a big headphone listener.

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