Concerts you have been to in 2019

as opposed to those you are planning to go to…

The great Steve Winwood and band followed by Steely Dan at Wembley last night.

Steve was fantastic as ever. One of the first times I saw him was in Norwich with John Martyn circa 1976/7.

Donald Fagen was on fine form and really swung/grooved with his band. I think I was disappointed that there wasn’t much change in tempo through the gig. The drummer, who must have been the hardest working drummer last night, played too hard and even when the song started at one pace it seemed to move into another, slightly too fast and hammering along. The colour of many of the songs seemed lost. And I am not sure that Aja actually worked because there was just too much crammed into it. All of that said, it was great to see and hear them.

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