Configuring Naim App on Android

Is there a way to delete unused sources from the home pages of the Naim app? (I’m tired of looking at Spotify and icons for 4 digital inputs when I only use 1.) I’ve re-set the ND5 XS2 streamer and uninstalled then re-installed the Naim App, but the Android continues to show the same Sources and Styles that had been previously set up. Also, under Source Layout in Settings, I’m advised that “Using the 3-line reordering controls, drag and drop sources to adjust the order on the Home screen.” I don’t see any 3 line reordering controls. Any help would be appreciated.

Input options are available from the config menu IIRC.

If it’s like the iOS version, you choose input settings. Then select each input in turn, and disable it.

The layout screen looks like this on iOS; you grab the three lines and move them to where you want them.


Funnily enough, no such lines in the Sources Layout screen in the current release app on Android (nor the previous beta), but the text is referring to them. I am quite sure that they were there previously. In any case, one can simply tap & hold the list entries anywhere, then drag them.

The inputs can be enabled and disabled like on iOS, in Settings > Input Settings. Tap each input here:

Then tap the circle to enable/disable the check mark. Tap the name to rename the input.

Thank you all for responding. Problem solved.

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