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This goes hand in hand with a couple of the threads that are currently running at the moment.

I have a NDX2, Supernait2, HicapDR, SL interconnect, Powerlines on all and all on a full fat Fraim. Speakers are PMC 25.26.
Also system on own dedicated supply.

I have got myself somewhat confused and not sure what route to take.

I had in my head I wanted to add a 555ps DR to my NDX2. However due to costings this would need to be either used or possibly ex-demo so not sure that is going to work out at the moment.
I don’t know why I am like it but I always seem to have to have the best but would love to be more content and realistic and should probably go with an XPS DR the more balanced partner. :pensive:

My other line of thought is I have not long upgraded to an NDX2 from an NDX so followed the source first philosophy but I could move onto the next part of my system and move away from my Supernait2 to a 282/250. I am guessing but I assume my speakers would benefit and thank me for it.
I would also like to think that this second option would give a sonic upgrade on using a bare NDX2 .
Ultimately I would imagine that what ever happens a PSU upgrade would materialise in the future.

Thanks all


I’d keep an eye out for a used DR 555PS rather than go XPS first. You’ve then got a stepping stone to an ND555 if you wanted to end up there…

You’ve got a lovely system though as it is so take your time - no need to rush this upgrading lark…


You are somewhat - actually quite a lot - overspeakered. If I had your system and wanted to improve it I would be getting the 282/250 before the power supply - though I’d be a bit doubtful that a 250 is really enough, but I wouldn’t feel happy about the idea of a 300 with a bare NDX2. If I had speakers that could be properly handled by a Supernait then I’d be getting the power supply first.

Cheers HH

Yes I did know this when I got the speakers although they are rather sensitive I am sure the more they have behind them, the better they will be.
They sound incredible however and I haven’t ever felt like they feel out of their depth.

Thanks for your advise.

My humble 25.23 are driven by a 250DR, and I believe when they were reviewed it was mentioned that the SN2 was an appropriate minimum for these speakers. So I would have thought your massive 25.26 long for more than a SN… Possibly a 250DR as minimum as @hungryhalibut suggests…

It’s interesting - you don’t know what’s missing until you try something else. I was really happy with my PMC twenty.23 on the end of a SuperUniti. However with a 250 they were totally transformed.

The 300 would be ideal for you but I suspect it’s a step too far, and then you run into Fraim height issues. NDX2/555 with 282, Hicap and 250 would be a great system and it would fit on a single Fraim stack without problems.

Agreed and I am sure the is very much the case once the 555 is added!

Yes the system you have laid out has been at the front of my mind for some time and a 5 level Fraim would certainly look more aesthetically pleasing than 6 levels. A split level arraignment will never be an option for me.
So theoretically speaking the system would be more balanced with 282/250 for the time being.

I suspect this is out of the question but why not find some speakers that match your SN2 and be happy?

:astonished: The speakers are amazing and I am wanting to go forwards not backwards.

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O man, you are in trouble!

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Indeed, if you find the speakers for you (presuming you’d heard others and these clearly won over the rest), then you know they will only get better as you move up. The decision for you us at what point in the upgrade process do you change the amp, the most significant component in speaker control! Ideally, if you have the chance to do so, have an audition of the rest of your system with a better amp, and compare with a source upgrade. And indeed in so doing hear the full whammy, to help target where you may go next, unless this is to be your final upgrade. Put away any thoughts of source first or anything else first, but simply find what works for you!

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Do you know where you want to end up in say 3 -5 years? If so work backwards from that and buy the right pieces to fit that jigsaw. If its a 252 preamp, no point in the 282…better spent on the source etc and save up for what you really want, and keep an eye out for ex demo kit.

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Good advice. Worth having a demo of the ‘end game’ system just to make sure it’s where you want to end up and then you know where to aim for (and budget needed!)

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At 34 I am in no rush to get to my end game system. :joy:

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There’s that, but it’s a useful sanity check. Anyway looks like you’ve got a few avenues to explore :grinning:

…you are not thinking straight. At 34, just refinance the house and go ahead and get the ND555 with a couple of PS to feed the 552/500 and other assorted assessors and you will have a lifetime of pleasure instead of this incremental and painful slow journey!

Happy to spend your money! :wink:


HH has good words of wisdom. My 25.26’s sound a treat on my 282/250DR. You may be very elated at the result in the brain and brawn upgrade. While the supernait2 is a great integrated there is a lot to be said about the need to drive speakers. The 25.26 needs a little more gusto I think.


I had a pair of 20-23 before my 20-26 from PMC. I was surprised that the difference was not as much as I thought. Yes, they can go a bit louder. And yes, there is a tad more bottom end. But, the reason for the lack of change no doubt was my pre/ power combo that I was happy with. A modest MF nu vista pre and the MF A300cr. Both serviced and upgraded. The power amp is now around 330w/Ch RMS into 8 ohm. Doubt I will change either. Not least the ££££ would be prohibitive. For a bit of fun I have stuck my daughter’s £130 Dali bookshelf speakers on the pre/power combo and been truly impressed also.

Subject to listening, what level of step up is a 282/250DR from a Supernait2/3?
Is it a incremental or considerable?

Thanks all. :+1:t2:

I went from NDX/SN2 to 272/250DR which I thought better. My last (ha!) change has been from the latter to NDX2/282/250DR which was a considerable jump to my ears.

The addition of an XPSDR & SCDR has completed a beautifully balanced system. The best sound I’ve owned.

Each stage has been a worthwhile investment - to me.