Connect a tape deck at 172xs

Hello , how to connect a cassette deck to my Nac 172 XS ?

Have you read the manual?

Do you want to play back and record ?

There is not a true tape in/out DIN socket on the 172 unlike most of the other amps. You could use the an.2 RCA inputs to connect a tape deck for playback and the use the line out RCA sockets if you needed to record from a source.

James many Thanks . I’ll try this way !!!

Robert many thanks . I suppose it’s the same from analogue 1 input and the line output

Yes doesn’t matter; it just consumes one input and one output.
If you are lacking input sockets there are solutions such as the beresford TC7240.

Robert this is great solution … Thank you !!!

Just be careful as it’s not a proper tape loop, AFAIK there’s no buffer here so if you have both I/c sets connected you could get a nasty loop going if you try to record from the Tape input. To be safe only have one set connected (in or out) at any one time.

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In the other input ( analogue 2 ) I have a phono stage .

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