Connect Android TV to 1st gen Mu-So

Not sure this really is a steaming question but seems to be a better fit than Hi-Fi Corner.
I am thinking of getting a used 1st gen Mu-So. We have a one year old Sony Android TV, XG85 series.
Is there any (sneaky, clever) way we can connect the two devices to get TV sound through the Mu-So?
I do know that the 2nd gen Mu-So has HDMI.

I do this myself with a newish Sony tv with an optical connecting cable between the tv and my muso 1st generation. Works pretty well, although the volume on the muso needs to be adjusted upwards due to some technical attenuation issues going on within the muso. As I say it works for me, but there may be other solutions out there. Good luck.

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Neat! Never used optical before, so daft question: What kind of connectors does the cable have on either end?

Interesting, as my Sony TV to my ND5 XS2 via optical is also low on volume. Perhaps its a Sony thing

Before I say anything I should mention I am very much a plug and play type of guy, these things are not my area of expertise. But if you google digital audio optical cable you will get the idea.

On the low volume question, I don’t think this is exclusive to Sony TVs, hopefully the link below will provide more background if you are technically minded:

As I say I simply crank the volume up on my muso a bit more than normal and it goes loud enough for a sound bar. In fact I think it performs very nicely!

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Briliant explanation, thanks - another problem solved :blush:

Perfect. Thanks also for the googling advice. All makes sense. Buy a S/PDIF fiber optic TOSLINK to TOSLINK cable and wick it up. Enthusiastic thanks!

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