Connect Hicap DR to SN3 and a Superline?

I just purchased a Superline so I could start my upgrade path with my TT source.

A couple of questions came to mind:

Out of curiosity, is it possible to connect one HiCap DR to a Superline and my Supernait 3?

Would the SN3 Aux 2 gain benefit from the HiCap DR passively through the amp anyways?

I know it’s ideal for the Superline to have it’s own HiCap DR/SuperCap DR PSU outside of being plugged into Aux 2 in the SN3, but I was curious about the extra sockets back there.

Thank you for any info.

If your main source is the turntable I think best practice is giving the Superline it’s own HiCap DR.

I first had a Supernait 2 with a bare Superline on aux. After getting a Hicap DR to the Superline I didn’t bother to compare with the Hicap on the Supernait pre amp. It was obvious the Superline liked the Hicap very much. :blush:

Later I put another Hicap DR on the preamp part of the Supernait 2 and it was great as well.

In short, two Hicap DR is great. One, I thought it had its place on the Superline, but this might be different depending on how much you play the turntable.

I still look for an opportunity to add a supercap to the Superline in the future.



Similar experience Porphyr

First hicap into SN3 - improvement

Second hicap into superline - very good

Icing on the cake - supercap into superline - sensational

The Hicap can’t power both unfortunately. Only the Flatcap.

My experience in this comes from a 282 and 552 rather than a supernait. I found using AUX to power a superline gives the most coherence to the music but at the expense of more overt detail compared to using a hicap or supercap via a Snaic to power it directly. The one thing that trumps it and by quite some margin is a supercap via a Burndy.
Try both but certainly don’t ignore AUX power with the hicap powering the supernait as an option.


Thanks, I’m definitely taking the baby step approach.

I will try adding another HiCap DR to the mix once I get used to the new Superline and MC cartridge.

I’d like to upgrade the TT eventually as well, obviously.

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