Connect LG TV via Bluetooth Uniti Star

hey there, is it possible to stream audio from LG TV to Uniti Star via bluetooth. They find and connect easily enough, but no sound?

Hi, I wasn’t aware that TVs would have a Bluesound output but if yours has, I can’t see why it wouldn’t work into the Star. The TV output will need to be set to PCM stereo.
You would get better results using an HDMI ARC or optical connection.

Maybe double check, that the Bluetooth “input” is selected/active on the Star side.

sorry been off-line for a few days. thanks for suggestions, will check out the next few days and let you know… Chris

hey all, back with good news, well for me anyway. Got the connection going - not sure how, but running well. I live in small apartment and have Naim at one end of the room for music, tv in the middle which pivots to face either end of room, with surround for tv at other end. This means I now have the TV sound though my Rega’s which is a big improvement. Thanks for help

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