Connect mac mini to NDX for Roon

Newby question. I have an NDX and a Supernait and they are both great. I also have a modded mac mini with roon and audirvana and ab looking to connect via USB to the system . It seems I can buy a converter to sdif or a dac. I was considering a Naim dac v1 or a first generation hugo or even a 2qute. I dont really want to spend more that GBP 700. Any suggestions would be welcome.

Does your Mac have an optical out? If so, that might be the easiest way to get Roon onto the NDX.
Also, have a look at a couple of threads on here about using a UPnP bridge.
Another option would be an a Airport Express or Chromecast Audio.

Best quality from Audirvana is optimised as recommended, with dedicated usb out, not using the Mac’s drivers and optical out. I heard the sound quality of Audirvana used that way into a DAC with very good RF rejection agaist a Melco N1A, and there was no obvious dufference in sound quality (through Bryston 4BSST / PMC Fact 12 in dealer’s partially treated room) - but of course that is not using Roon. I presume you mean you swap between that and Roon. I have no idea how the sound quality of Roon compares with it functioning as the renderer.

Whichever, if you use usb and a Hugo you will need something to block the Mac’s RF that does adversely affect the sound quality. When I had Hugo I used a Gustard U12 isolator/converter to great effect). Optical out from the Mac would obviate the need, but may not be as good sound quality. DAC v1 may not need the isolation as it may have adequate RF blocking.

Hugo and V1 may sound very different - I don’t know V1, but Hugo has a very natural, analogue-like sound.

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