Connect Macbookpro to Muso Gen 1

Hi all, is there a way to connect a Macbook Pro to Naim Muso gen 1 via a wired USB connection?
I can get it to work with iPad and iPhone but not the macbook.
Also is there much of an advantage using the usb connection or should i just continue to use airplay from the macbook, it seems to me there is a bit of delay when using airplay (eg when i press skip there is a slight pause)

thanks in advance

The USB on the 1st gen Mu-So can be used to connect iOS devices such as iPod, iPhone etc… but not a computer. If you really want a direct wired connection with a MacBook Pro you could use the optical s/pdif input as an alternative to Airplay. You just need a 3.5mm Toslink adaptor at the MacBook end.

Hi Richard,
thanks very much for you answer. I’m not sure if the 3.5mm jack supports optical on the latest macbook pro, struggling to find information online whether it does or not. I’ll continue digging and if it does as you said that might be the anwer.
Thanks again

You may be right.

I believe Apple stopped using those dual purpose sockets some time ago, so if your Mac is fairly new you can be pretty certain it won’t have one.
Another alternative would be a USB to SPDIF converter.
Whether or not all this is worthwhile might depend on what music you access via your Mac.

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