Connect Naim ND5 Xs to Smart TV


I have NAP 200, NAC 282, ND5Xs, NDS power supply and Hi Cap with Neat Iota Xplorer Speakers. I know, not all balanced but it works.

I have a smart tv that has an optical output. I have Tidal app on the smart TV. Is it good practice to connect ND5 Xs to the optical output of the smart TV and play the tidal Audio (along with music video/concerts) through my naim system. I assume that the digital signal from the TV is internet input to Naim Dac and that the streamer and DAC in the ND5 Xs are functioning in this configuration.

I have Naim app on my I phone abut seldom use it. Do I need the new upgrade of Naim Streamers installed on my ND5 Xs if I access Tidal through the optical output of the smart tv. Am I missing some quality because the DAC in the NDS is being bypasses, or maybe it is not being bypassed?

I would update the ND5XS to the latest 4.8 firmware then run Tidal via the streamer.

If you wish to use Tidal via the telly feeding the ND5XS no update on the streamer will be required, set the telly to PCM output if using optical.

Hi, if you use an optical connection from TV to streamer that’s a digital signal, so the DAC in the Naim streamer is doing the conversion.
I’m pretty sure you would get better sound quality using Tidal in the Naim app, but if it also plays video on your TV I guess that’s not an option. Does the TV allow a lossless stream from Tidal? If not, that will reduce sound quality. Optical cables are cheap, so give it a try.
Remember to set the TV output to PCM stereo or it won’t work into your HiFi.
Make sure your streamer firmware is up to date as this can affect Tidal reliability and possibly sound quality too.

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