Connect sonos to ND555

I am really getting on with my ND5xs2 into an NDAC with a 555 PS. I also still have Sonos into the NDAC mostly for my wife as she likes the ease of her pandora stations and deezer. I like the ND5xs2 much better for listening with Quboz. Sounds great and now I’m wondering about a ND555. Get rid of the ndac. Can you use on of the inputs on the ND555 wit a sonos port?


Yes. Just plug the digital output of the Sonos port into one of the ND555 digital inputs.

Why do you need the Sonos? Surely you can just use AirPlay or Chromecast to cast Deezer etc. to your Naim streamer?


Why not. You could try a sonos into a chord qutest for a lot less money

I have to admit, I am new to the streaming situation and didn’t realize i could stream via an app on my phone to a Naim streamer. Now I’m contemplating just getting rid of the Sonos altogether along with my ND5XS2 and NDac, keep the 555 PS and get an NDX2 or ND555. Less boxes which I would like.

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That’s what I’d do, you can use native Qobuz for best sound quality and cast from a phone for convenience.
Don’t underestimate the abilities of the NDAC though. You can lose a box by replacing it with a new streamer, and you may decide that the ND555 is worth the expense. The NDX2 might not be a clear winner though.

Thanks, that is what I had heard when looking into streaming, getting an ND5XS2, keeping the ndac and 555ps. It’s been an eye opener listening to that, now of course I wonder what the ND555 would be like. I had heard that there would not be a huge lift in an NDX2 compared to the ND5XS2 into a 555ps ndac but I haven’t and won’t be able to do a comparison where I live so am relying a bit on the expertise and honest opinions of those on this forum. Thanks again!

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