Connect StageLine to NAC200 and NAP202

Got my StageLine delivered and have been trying to understand the connection drawings. It seems with a 202 the stage line needs connecting to the aux2 (alternative in 6) upper socket as it says it supplies DC power. Is this correct?

Correct. The NAC202 AUX2 socket provides the required 24V power and also take in signal from the Stageline via a single SNAIC5. Be sure to get the direction band the right way round.

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Thanks for that, the band I guess the green stripe? is the connector nearest the band the one that goes into the stagline? Also is there a maximum legnth for a SNAIC? I’ve got a 1m but need a 2 maybe 3m one really.

SNAIC’s are 1,25 metres. That’s it. No longer ones are made, by Naim.

Yes, a green band, which should be nearest to the Stageline. SNAICs only come in one length, 1.25m. Longer lengths are not recommended and may cause performance loss or instability.

Thanks for that, I’ll move my stuff around to fit. :+1:

hi, i have the same configuration but i’m not able to use the stageline. i have another pre-phono and in another input the turningtable work. i bought the stageline used, and the connection about snaic5 is from 5din out to “aux2 in & power” of nac202. i have also a hi-cap dr but i don’t thing the connection has to go through him…
someone can help me?

Depends Ian. If the Hicap is powering the 202 then no. If it’s just for the Stageline then yes.

Just connect the Stageline to the NAC202 powered AUX2 socket via the SNAIC 5 (make sure you get the banded end nearest the Stageline). Only thing to watch out for is how you have the AUX2 sockets assigned. You’ll need it assigned to default DIN rather than RCA Phono.

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i don’t uderstand, explane me please

Here’s an illustration of the connection. It shows a NAC152XS but the principle is the same (powered AUX2 input);

Screen Shot 2022-05-29 at 10.52.54

As for assigning inputs, here is the section of the manual that explains all;

13.1 Input sockets and assignment

The input selection buttons select the source input signal to be routed to the power amplifier and the loudspeakers.

The NAC 202 has six DIN input sockets and two alternative pairs of RCA Phono sockets. The RCA Phono sockets can be assigned individually to the CD and AUX 2 input buttons in place of the DIN sockets.

Input assignment setup is accessed through the NAC
202 program mode. To switch into (or exit from) program mode press and hold the prog key on the remote handset (in preamplifier mode). Program mode is indicated by a flashing indicator on the front panel volume control.

note: If no function is operated within five minutes of entering program mode the NAC 202 will return to normal mode automatically.

Once in program mode press and hold the remote handset 1 button to select or de-select the RCA Phono socket input for CD, and the remote handset 6 button to select or de-select the RCA Phono socket input for AUX 2. The corresponding front panel input buttons can similarly be used to select or de-select the RCA Phono socket inputs. The appropriate input button indicator will flash three times on selection of the RCA Phono option and once on selection of the DIN option.

To exit from program mode press and hold the prog key on the remote until the volume indicator stops flashing.

yes, is connected in that place, non setup needed on 202?

See my follow-up post above.

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ok, all is working now, TNX

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Hi, I’ve read the Stageline can be powered by the NAPSC. But then searching deeper I’ve read that this is not possible. I have a NAP202 that will power it but the use of the NAPSC means the lad who sets my turntable up could actually test it with the Stageline so I can choose cartidge/stylus

No, you can’t power a Stageline with a NAPSC. I seem to recall an old manual that went out with the NAPSC listed as a possible power source for the Stageline. It was eventually corrected, but not before many incorrect manuals were in the wild.

Just remember that the NAPSC alone cannot fully power the NAC202. You’ll need either a suitable Naim power amp with onboard pre-amp supply, such as a NAP200, or a dedicated supply such as a Hicap. The NAPSC only powers the switching and logic circuits.

Thanks for that, my NAC202 is connected to a NAP200 with the NAPSC.
I’ll have to test the cartridges my self. I only have a Linn Axis with Akito arm so wondering if there is a preferred cartidge/stylus for the Stageline.

I find the Stageline N to be on the dark and earthy side of neutral so it tends to match brighter and livelier MMs best in my experience.

I’ve moved from a puresound P10 valve pre to the Stageline and my TT still has a AT-VM95ML should I change this?
sorry for being a pest but I want to get it right if I’m spending a couple of hundred quid