Connect streamer/dac to 32.5

I received a raspberry pi for Christmas and have ordered an Allo Katana hat board to form a streamer/dac. I would like to connect this to a currently unused 32.5+Hicap+250 so I can play music off a Qnap nas. The Katana has an SPDIF out. Should I be connecting this to the tape input on the 32.5 or is there a better option and can someone recommend an appropriate cable under £75 if possible.
Many thanks

If I have this right, it appears that the Katana board offers a pair of analogue RCA phono output sockets. You would use these and connect to the tuner or tape input DIN on the NAC32.5. You will need an RCA - DIN5 interconnect. Plenty to choose from although for your budget I’d be tempted by a secondhand Naim RCA-DIN (see FAQ) or else a late Chord Chrysalis as they work really nicely with Naim, especially the old CB kit.

Are you sure about that? SPDIF is digital, I think you need RCA/phono out as Richard says above.

Thanks for getting back to me. It is actually the DigiOne Signature, the Katana was out of stock, sorry for confusion. The Digione is SPDIF. Is this the same as BNC? or do I need some sort of adaptor.
I’m guessing this won’t change the input on the 32.5.
Thanks for taking the time to help

S/pdif is a digital output interface - it means Sony/Philips Digital Interface. It can be either electrical coaxial (via single RCA Phono or BNC ) or optical via TOSLINK. It is digital only usually for transmitting a digital signal between a transport and a DAC, and not for outputting an analogue signal.

You will need a suitable DAC in order to connect to your NAC32.5.

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Yes, thanks. I have completely misunderstood what I was buying. Thanks for explaining. I have cancelled the order and will look for a another streamer/dac board that I can add to the pi. Thanks for saving me from an expensive mistake.

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