Connect subwoofer to 552PS?

Just a simple question. I have a REL subwoofer being used in high level mode. I’d like to try using low level input with miniDSP. Is it possible to connect the miniDSP to the spare output (socket 1) of the 552PS? The 552PS is already feeding a NAP500. Is it alright to feed the main speakers and a subwoofer at the same time? Many thanks!

Shouldn’t be a problem, that’s what it’s for.

Robert is of course spot on. And this is how my 552PS is connected to a Wilson Benesch Torus (subwoofer) amp / crossover.

Just be sure you use a low capacitance interconnect, and keep it shorter than a couple of metres to the DSP.

Thanks for your help guys. Much appreciated!

Richard, one more question: if I use a 2m long interconnect to the DSP, then the cable from the DSP to the subwoofer will need to be about 5m long. Is that too long?

I don’t know. It depends on how well the DSP can drive a 5m interconnect. For sure the 552PS can’t drive such a long i/c that well (especially with two more i/cs for the NAP300 to drive as well), at least not without being slugged with some extra resistance, although even then it may well impact on performance. Best to keep the i/c from the 552PS to the DSP short

I am using a 5m cable from HiCap to 552 to connect my TT. It has to be such long because I have no other position for the equipment.
It works quite well. I love the sound from my TT also in comparison to my 555 which is connected with a 1m Chord Music.

That’s interesting Chris. 5m is beyond what Naim would usually recommend, as there is usually audible performance loss and the possibility of Hicap instability at such length. Is the i/c slugged at all? Still, better that way, than a 5m long tonearm cable!

No, it is not slugged with an extra resistance. It is a Chord Crimson VEE 3 DIN to DIN with separate cables for each channel. In the beginning I used a Naim standard interconnect custom made to this length. It also worked but the improvement with the Chord was really noticeable.

My findings with the Crimson against the standard Naim i/c didn’t go so well, sad to say.

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