Connect subwoofer to Proac DT8 & SN3

I have a subwoofer that has hl connectors and I have bi-wireable speakers that are single wired fed by my SN3.
Am I understanding it correctly that I should connect a speaker cable from one of the speakers free terminals to the black and red connectors of the sub? Or should I connect both speakers’ free terminal to the sub?
Attached are photo’s of the back of each component.

Hi. I would go decent quality speaker cable from each speaker + and - to the connectors on the sub

Ok thanks for the prompt reply. Maybe it is a very dumb question but would it matter to connect it to only one speaker?

With my sub from my acoustics you connect with 3 wires at hi level . Wire to each +ve on speakers left and right and then the other wire goes to a -ve.

Never a dumb question :slight_smile:
Logically you would only be feeding one half of any ‘bass’ to the Sub, although with my Rel there’s only one ‘-‘ lead & 2 x ‘+’ leads, your sub has 2 off each - so, to get the full sound all 4 should be connected.

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OK got it. Gotta go get me some longer cables then.
Maybe easier to connect it by rca to the pre-amp out on the SN3 then.

The SN3 has a pair of phonos called ‘sub out’, so use those if using low level. For high level you must connect to both speakers. You’d do well to get some jumper cables to replace the little bars on the speakers.


You can use the RCA sub out connection on the SN to the RCA line in the sub, the pair second from top on the right side on the back of the sub. Just plug and go.

Do DT8’s need a Sub???

Normally not but I’m temporary in a rental house with a very big living room so I was thinking to get some extra bass for the space

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