Connecting 252/Supercap/Nap 300 : alternatives to Superlumina?

I ordered new 252/300 / SUPERCAR CAP to upgrade my 282 / HICAPDR / 250DR.

I would like to prepare to upgrade stock cables for new components.

I would like to replace the stock cables and in particular the 5 pin cable to connect 252 to the Supercap and the two XLR - 4 pin din cables to connect the NAP 300 to the Supercap.

What high quality alternatives can I buy besides Superlumina?

Can you tell us why you won’t consider the superlumina

I replaced Super Lumina’s with Chord Music’s and a Sarum T. For a short period I had an Ansuz A2 DIN/DIN from my ND555 to NAC 552. It was excellent.
The Super Lumina’s were excellent for that matter.
Performances of these cables pretty much reflect their price points.

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You’ll get cables included with the system, except for NACA5 which you have already. Why not let you and the system settle in on stock cables before trying alternatives. It’s good to have a baseline and sometimes returning to it can highlight what can sometimes get lost when making changes. There seems to be some speaker dependancy when it comes to cables too, the ones ending in BL do quite well on the stock cables.

Discussing alternatives to power carrying cables like the Snaic is against forum rules in any case.


Good advice from Yeti. The new components will take you on a bit of a journey as they ‘burn in’. It would be very sensible to stick with what you have for at least a couple of months. Get used to what you now have in terms of sound quality to establish a reference point.

After that, the obvious competitor to Super Lumina are produced by Chord and at SL level these would be either Sarum T or Music, depending on how deep your pockets are. One thing to consider is speaker cables and interconnects you are using for your components. I haven’t dappled with this but I recall a few forum members expressing the view that Super Lumina shows off its best when forming a loom ie there is a benefit to use of SL throughout your system. Hope these comments aren’t dragging you off on a tangent but may be worth discussing what is available for loan with your dealer to help decide on a strategy however, long term that may be!


PS Like Yeti, I would not advise on introducing curry to any hi-fi system!! (Sorry!)

Above is all good advice but I wanted to stress that as you have new boxes you should just stay with the SNAIC cable as you’ll need to protect the warranty in case there are any manufacturing defects.

In future you’ll need to be aware you might have full responsibility for any performance issues if you change this cable and IMO it’s just not worth it.

On the rest of the loom staying with Naim Cables also keeps you out of the rabbit hole of forever looking for the “best” cable from the infinite possibilities that all sound different but might not be better.

Fantastic system and you are going to love the music if you can put upgraditis aside.

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I am considering it.

But I would also like to consider other choices.

I gladly accept the advice

Witch Hat’s Morgana is a good lower cost alternative for the DIN 4 pin to XLR interconnects between the 300 and 252


Is it worth even on the 5 pin din between 252 and Supercap DR?

The discussion of alternative cables between 252 and Supercap is not allowed on the Forum.

I will use the standard one so

the advice given above is good one - to use the supplied cables and there is no real need to upgrade them for Superlumina OR others. immediately.

I will follow this advice.

If I decide to replace them which one is more important to replace?

Snaic from Supercap to 252 or the two XLR-DIN from NAP 300 to Supercap?

maybe it’s not clear to you yet,

the snaic from supercap to 252 is not to be replaced as it will void your warranty and could damage your amplifier.

you can only replace the twin DIN-XLR

you are highly advised to only replace this with a Naim Superlumina.

I think that my question is not clear to you.

If I decide to replace them which is more important to replace?

Snaic from Supercap to 252 (superlumina) or the two XLR-DIN from NAP 300 to Supercap (superlumina)?

Hi @aristoweb I can see the reason for confusion. There is no SL Snaic.

We have our wires crossed, very appropriate really on this thread.

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Yes, Of course, get to know your system and then, when you’re ready, take a trip to your dealer and have a listen.

Chord make some awfully nice cables.

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Using a Non Naim SNAIC will invalidate his warranty

There is no approved replacement for this cable and against the rules of this forum to discuss or encourage it.

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What advice?