Connecting 252/Supercap to DAC V-1

I have a DAC V-1 which i want to use solely as a headphone amp. I currently have it connected through BNC to my NDX2 so its fine for listening to streaming content. However, i also have a significant vinyl collection which i would like to listen to at times through headphones and so I am assuming I need to connect my 252/Supercap to the DAC V-1 - whats the best way please ?
I look forward to the responses and thanks in anticipation
Terry Smith

Sorry Terry - you won’t be able to do that as the DAC V1 only accepts digital inputs.

Terry, James is correct I use the same for headphones duties fortunately in my system my only source is a ND555 so this set up suits.

Thanks Gents - Vinyl would have been nice but i can cope :slight_smile:

If you can exchange the DAC V1 for UnitiQute2 you can succeed with your initial idea. The UQ2 has one analogue input and it’s a headphone amp as well. Beside a DAC you will have FM and internet radio as a plus if that counts.

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The headphone out on the UQ2 is a bit naff to be honest.

I’d just get an analog headphone amp and be done with it. A HeadLine is nice but needs a power supply. Plenty of others available in a single box. A Rega Ear punches above it’s price point.

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