Connecting 272 to 252

Hi, I want to use my 272 as a streamer only and bypass the preamp, instead using my 252 preamp.

I’m a bit lost as to how I should connect it. Any advice welcome!

You need an RCA to DIN cable from the line out on the 272 to any regular DIN input on the 252.

Thanks Chris. I only have RCA to RCA and DIN to DIN cables. I see there are RCA ‘Phono Inputs’ on the 252 labelled ‘CD’ and ‘Aux2’. Could I use these for an RCA to RCA connection? Apologies if this is a stupid question!

Yes, it’s generally best to use DINs where available but if you have an RCA cable it’ll be fine.

Great thanks. It’s a temporary thing until my dealer gets the next batch of NDX2’s in so I’ll make do for now.

Yes, no need to buy anything just for temporary use. The NDX2 will be supplied with the DIN cable.

So I’ve got an RCA interconnect on the 272 Line Out and going into the 252 Phono Inputs/CD. I’ve got both the CD buttons lit on the 252 and I’ve enabled Line Out on the 272.

But still no sound :slightly_frowning_face:

Apologies can’t seem to get these pics the right way up

And apologies for the stacking, rack due any day :sunglasses:


Now read 7.2 below.

Brilliant HH, thank you so much. So I now have the Phono input selected and I have sound… but it’s very low. Even with volume at 9 o clock I can only just hear the music. Getting closer…

Got it. Cable connections from Supercap to 300 were the wrong way around :roll_eyes:

I’m a very happy listener again :grin:


Excellent. Every day is a school day.


Chord Cobra 3 RCAs? I sold off a coil of 10 meters of these, wondered where it would end up :wink:

Indeed. Buried in the back of my garage for a decade or more but sounding great now :sunglasses:

Not mine then :wink: Nice interconnects for the money indeed

Still blown away by what the 252 has done to my system :grin:

Only one niggle. I’d really like to control the volume from the Naim app via the 272. Is this possible with system automation? I’ve tried different settings and google isn’t helping. Cheers

As I understand it, the 272 acts as a preamp with regard to system automation, rather than as a source. So I’d suggest you are buggered. Time to get that dedicated streamer.

Thanks that makes sense. Oh well can live with it for now.

So far I always left the NDX2 enabled, no standby. This meant that I could not enable the display because if you pause the replay (which I do often, instead of letting a playlist or album finish naturally), the display stays on for 12 hours, which I don’t like.

But I like the display to be on when music plays. So I followed a recommendation by Steve Harris and enabled auto-standby as well as server mode, which according to Steve leaves everything in the best immediate thermal state on wakeup, while still turning the display off when auto-standby engages.

All nice, until I realized just now that I can’t use the NDX2 remote with system automation for volume of the TT when the NDX2 is in standby. Logical in hindsight, but oh man! :slight_smile:

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