Connecting 555PS to DAC

just bought a 555PS to feed the nDAC. I have the Burndy SXPS cable.
Can anyone tell me how to connect it to the DAC and the 555PS with the right direction of the cable?


The collar on the cable goes to the nDAC. i.e. The source of the music.

You mean this side on theDAC?


Are You sure about that ?
I found a picture where the collar Side is connected to the power supply

Yep, Naim “direction” collars always go to the source.

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@Guinnless is correct. The labelled collar end always goes to the source, i.e. nDAC. The pic shows it wired the wrong way round

This pictures shows an incorrect connection; the Burndy cable is back to front.

Note that even when you have an external power supply on the Naim DAC, you still need to power the DAC itself; a part of it remains under its own power.

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Thanks a lot to both of you

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