Connecting a bluetooth transmitter to a Supernait 2

Hi there. I wonder if anyone can help…

I would like to connect a bluetooth transmitter to my Supernait 2 so I can listen to my CD player and ND5 XS through my bluetooth headphones. I know I could do this via the headphone jack on the front of the Supernait 2 but would prefer to connect a bluetooth transmitter to the rear of the unit. I was wondering if I could connect to the 4-pin DIN bi-amp out, and if that is possible, where I might source the relevant 4-pin DIN to RCA phono jacks.

I would welcome any thoughts or hear from others who may have had a similar issue.

You could probably use the tape record rather than biamp output. This would need a 5 pin din to 4 rca interconnect, where 2 of the 4 rca plugs would give you line output feed for your Bluetooth transmitter. Try flashback cables.

Thanks for that Robert. Very swift response! I hadn’t thought of that. Are the Aux 2 in/out what you mean by the tape record? And would any of the 4
RCA plugs (of differing colours) do for connection to the bluetooth transmitter?

Yes aux2 forgot the exact name. The 4 rca will be left/right “play” and left/right “record” the latter being the pair you need. The colours depends on who made it. I have a chord one bought 2nd hand and it was a process of elimination to work out which was which for the 4 rca, which I think were red blue green yellow.

That was really helpful Robert. I will try your suggestion. And I’ll try to remember to get back to you to tell you if it worked out. Happy Easter.
Best wishes

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