Connecting a Rega Turntable to Naim system

Thanks for this forum hope you can help me get my head around this…

I have a basic Naim system for my apartment comprising of Nait 5 (not i or si) / Flatcap2 / B&W speakers / CD3.5 and I would like to put Rega Planar 1 Plus turntable to the system but I cannot work out how to…

  1. If the Rega Plus with a built in phono stage can be plugged directly into the Nait 5 or flatcap2 ?
  2. I guess a phono to din lead would be needed.
  3. If it can be plugged into the Nait5 would it be in the AUX2 socket (RHS side as you look at the back), I assume not plugging into AV, AUX1 will work ?

Or any additional information would help

Or cannot a turntable with a built in phono stage work, so a standard Rega Planar1 and stageline N would be needed plugged via the Flatcap?

hope that makes sense

thanks in advance

Your rega ,if it has built in Phono stage, can be connected via Phono to DIN interconnect into any of the line inputs on the Nait.

As Neil says above, any turntable with a built in phono stage is basically a line level source same as a CD player or streamer. You can also use a turntable without a phono stage with for example a stageline (suitably powered).

thanks for the information, so directly into the Nait and not into the flatcap2 as you can with a cd5

thanks again

Rega into amp.

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Definitely into amp.

I’m new to the Naim discussion and write here because I’m also looking for information regarding the Rega Planar 1 Plus turntable. Can this turntable (or any other) be connected to either the Naim Mu-so or Mu-so QB (first generation). When I bought them (I have both) I was told that connecting a turntable is an option, but now I’m not sure. Any good information is appreciated.

If the muso has a spare line input, then a turntable can be connected but only via a Phono Pre amp, either built in or stand alone.

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That is no problem. With the Planar 1 Plus you simply need a two phono to 3.5mm jack lead.


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