Connecting a second turntable to SN3 via aux 2?

Hello everyone,

I am thinking of connecting a second TT to my SN3. The current phono input is already taken by an RP6 via RCA phono. There is a used Naim stage line (N MM) phono available for sale online.

Reading the manual is confusing, as there is no (aux 2) din input, only (aux in&pwr) at the backside of the amp, and the front has the aux button. Is this (aux in&pwr) din input the right one to use with a Naim N mm stage line phono amp?

The used Naim stage line comes with a Non-Naim 5 Pin din cable.

Thanks for the advice.

You would use the AUX IN & Power input.

The Stageline should come with a SNAIC5. I would not use anything but a genuine Naim SNAIC here. A Stageline without should be priced accordingly so you can buy a genuine Naim replacement.

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…. and a genuine snaic5 rrp £199
Stageline £469
You use the aux in / pwr socket as the amp itself powers the stageline.

A new Naim stageline is around AUD$1K. If I were to buy a genuine SNAIC5, probably be better off getting a new one with warranty. Thanks all for the information.

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