Connecting a Step-up Transformer to my 82?

I was thinking of trying a Phasmation T-500 MC Step-up transformer into my 82. The T-500 has balanced XLR fittings in addition to RCA. Phasemation claims the balanced XLR’s are much quiter than the RCA’s. Would I be able to go from the balanced connection to the BNC’s on my 82 (that has MM boards)? Cart is a Lyra Helikon SL. Thanks for any help.

No, the Naim inputs are single ended so you should use the RCA Phono outputs. Anyway, aren’t the balanced XLR sockets on the T500 actually inputs? This way you can keep the output from the cartridge balanced until the transformer, which can certainly be an advantage. You would need a new or rewired tonearm cable though.

Thanks Richard - You are correct the XLR’s are inputs…

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