Connecting CD5X and Flatcap 2X

My trusty Meridian 508 CD player has finally given up the ghost but luckily, a mate has a spare CD5X and Flatcap 2X which he no longer uses because he has ripped all his CDs to a NAS drive.
He has connected the CD player and power supply via a DIN cable but both units have a mains cable. Is this right? If so, how does the flatcap improve the sound?

Is it possible to connect my Stageline to the Flatcap also?

I suspect this is all elementary to most on here but please be patient.

The Flatcap improves the analogue output stage, hence why both need to be connected to the mains. The Flatcap can also power your Stageline, you’ll find instructions in the manuals.

You will need a Naim 4pin to 5pin interconnect to return the signal to your amp if you are using a FC2x to power your Stageline. Very worthwhile imo.

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Both Meridian and Naim did some very good CD players.
Unfortunately spares are scarce and limited.
If you can get your 508 serviced and supported I’d suggest to do this as you never know when the CD5X goes off too, fingers crossed.

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