Connecting CDX to NAC-202 via Naim . DIN connector

I use Naim NAC-202, what I want to ask is that this NAC-202 has 2 CD input options via the Naim DIN connector and through the RCA connector, is there an option / switch that regulates which connection we use from the CD, whether it’s RCA or DIN?

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hello I just read the same case as me and I connected it to the manual book NAC-202 and it turned out that only the CD input settings to DIN or to RCA/Phono via Program Mode, by pressing the number 1 on the remote for a while and it will switch input between DIN or via RCA Phono

Thank you to all of you

Did you buy the 202/200 in the end!?

Yes, packed with NAPSC and Hicap DR


Awesome - enjoy it 8)

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thank you, sound is incredible, love Naim…


earlier I have successfully moved input from Phono Input (CD)-RCA to CD-DIN Input by holding down button 1 in program mode (red line), I want to make sure for button 6 in program mode whether to move Phono Input (AUX 2)-RCA to Input Aux-2-DIN by holding button 6 in program mode (yellow line) is this correct according to what I drew below ?

anybody have thought about connection picture above?

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