Connecting DIN cables

I just recently saw a video of a Naim dealer (I think) connecting DIN cables. I noticed that when the cable’s DIN plug was inserted to the unit, the ring on the DIN plug was rotated in order to have a tight fit. What surprised me was that after locking the ring, said ring was rotated the other way around to unlock it. I think the person said it was to “decouple” it.

Pardon my ignorance, but is that the normal way to connect Naim’s DIN cables? If yes, what is the advantage of doing this?

Much about Naim cable construction and building is about minimizing mechanical coupling between cable and units to prevent microphonic influences (vibration transmission messing with electronic circuitry). So, it is the general recommendation to unlock the DIN interconnects in order to help with this. Often the cable is also pulled back a millimeter or so after unlocking the ring.

Whether it makes a difference is up to everyone’s system and ears, but it is safe with interconnects, so why not.

The collars of burndys and SNAICS should be locked and usually are because an accidental pulling can result in bad things.

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It’s common practice to undo the locking ring, and then pull the plug out very slightly so that it’s mechanically decoupled without affecting the electrical connection of the pins.
Naim’s upgrade cables (Hiline and Super Lumina) don’t have locking rings at all. Possibly why they don’t supply versions of these cables that carry power.

Thanks guys. Learning a lot!

It is the second Naim law. The first is: listen yourself.

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