Connecting headphone amp to 552 or cd555 using rca


  1. I am trying to connect a headphone amp to 552 trough rca, I read the manual but I did not understand anything, can I assign a rca as phono out? with my 272 this thing was easy

  2. second question using cd555’s rca to direct into headphone out but the manual says not to connect both din/rca

Any help highly appritiated

emrei, you need to connect a din to rca cable to the tape/av socket on the 552.

Note.The cable in question must be wired to suit if you use a standard din to 4 pin rca you will need to use the two output rca sockets to the Headphone amplifier or purchase a correctly wired din to two pin rca cable.

Hope this helps.

A normal din/rca right? I did not get the other part…

So the rcas behind the 552 are not phono out…

They are inputs only. To connect a Headline to the NAC552 you need the DIN version, which takes the Rec out signal from the applicable din pins on one of the tape loops. If using a different make of Headphone amp then you’ll need a Tape interconnect (DIN5- 4 x RCA Phono) or a DIN-RCA interconnect with the correct Rec out pins connected at the DIN end. A regular source DIN-RCA interconnect will not work as the wrong pins in the DIN will be connected.

On the CD555 you should only have one set of outputs enabled at any one time - having both enabled compromises performance.

You can, of course, take a direct signal from the CD555 to your headphone amp if that’s your only source that you wish to use with the headphones.

Can I connect both rca and din to cd555 and select it trough remote the active output?

You can, yes. Only thing I’m not sure about is whether even having a physical dual connection has any impact on performance. But then you can listen for yourself for this.

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Many tnx, I wish it was as easy as 272!

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