Connecting headphone amp to Nova?

Apologies for the basic question, but how do I connect an external headphone amplifier to the Nova? Thanks.

You have 2 choices of analog output, the rca ones might be easier for you.

Thanks. If I connect that way, how do I “activate” the headphone amp to listen to the Nova?

Bear in mind that with a Nova you have no line out, just a pre-amp out, so you’ll need to set volume levels accordingly. It’s not ideal, so I would be sure to compare carefully with the onboard headphone amp in the Nova.

Thanks. My dumb question is how to get sound out of the headphone amp/headphones instead of the speakers that are attached to the Nova. I have a nice Burson headphone amp and would like to use it with the Nova but suspect that might not be possible (or at least not simple).

To get sound into the burson you only have the pre out analog sockets on the nova. To stop sound from the speakers you can plug in headphones into the nova but this also disables the pre out. So you would have to disconnect the speakers, adjust the volume on the nova to eg 50%, then adjust the volume on the burson to one you find acceptable.
The nova isn’t really designed with consideration towards external headphone amps.

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To make long story short - you can‘t

For my setup, I use a Schiit Saga + as a preamp and switch. The great feature of the Saga + is it has two outputs. I have a Linn LP12 and a Chord Mojo/Poly connected to the Saga + and then one output into the Analogue Input on the Nova. The other Output of the Saga + goes to my headphone amp. I can then listen to either the turntable or Poly through headphones or Nova. If using the headphone amp, I just turn off the Nova.

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