Connecting iphone with qobuz to nac 272


I just bought Qobuz to use with my nac 272.

My question is that by connecting to analogue inputs via 3.5mm jack in my iphone am i getting Hi res playback.

To my ears it sounds great but am i getting the best sound quality by doing it this way?

forgot to mention i am using the iphone headphone dongle

Install Audirvana in your computer. Then login to your Qobuz account. Play all you want from there. You should see your 272 in the network device pane if both devices are on the same network.Imho it’s the easiest way. Btw there is an Audirvana app for the IPhone and you can use it as a “ remote “

I Use MConnectHD App.

Really don’t know. Anyway now I use a NDX2, but before I had a SuperUniti and Audirvana worked perfectly. I’ve tried Amarra 4,Amarra Luxe, Roon but at the end IMHO Audirvana was the best sounding software

You may get better results by connecting the iPhone to the USB port. This was originally intended for use with iTunes back when that was very popular, and you may find that it sounds better given that you’re then using the 272 DAC.


Using Audirvana for a few years, it sends wav to my NDX, always (except for DSD64). It transcodes on the Audirvana host - same as BubbleUpnp on its host. I hear no difference between streaming the same Tidal song via BubbleUpnp running on a RaspberryPi and Audirvana on a Win 10 laptop. The NDX reports WAV on its display for both methods.
Since both are transcoding the incoming flac stream there should be no difference unless one of the machines is really noisy (that’s a stretch).
By default, Audirvana processes the incoming stream to wav/pcm (Windows 10 for sure), whereas with BubbleUpnp you have to tell it to transcode (no big deal there though).

I tried using usb whilst streaming qobuz and it does not work.

I’ve since starting mconnect lite.

But I heard it does not support hi res files.

Is this true.?

Have you tried it in your system?

Interesting, I’d guess that the behavior should be similar on both platforms. Don’t use Apple products so can’t compare.

This blanket statement is untrue.
I ran Bubble upnp on my laptop wired via ethernet cable into my Cisco 2960.
It sounded worse than native Tidal on my 272/555DR.

I now use MConnectHD on my iPad into the same system and it sounds much better than native Tidal.

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Sometimes non-Apple sources do this. If you play something on iTunes or Apple Music, then start Qobuz, that usually gets it going.

This is my experience also, you are not alone, and way less faffing.

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Er - again you are totally incorrect, @jmtennapel

Please see someone else in the previous post who has found the same result as me.

And please do answer my above question - have you actually tried running MConnectHD on a good iPad with a good router and good broadband into a 1st gen Naim streamer - and compared that to Bubble?

If you haven’t actually done it, then why are you making patently false claims e.g. that one is always worse than the other, and that I’m the only person who ever found what I found?

That doesn’t make sense.

My QNAP TS 231p doesn’t allow me to transcode to wav… anyone have any ideas on how to get it to do that?

Unsure about Qobuz (unavailable in my location) but Audirvana on OS X transcodes Tidal to WAV by default while in UPnP mode (i.e. there is no option menu).

FWIW, I prefer Audirvana to Bubble for streaming Tidal to my NAC 272.

You mean weird not having QoBuz access? I’m in Thailand. We get Tidal here – at a nice discount. Perhaps QoBuz don’t want to discount (and might struggle to pick up subscribers at the standard rate).

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