Connecting JL Audio E110 sub to SN3


I apologize in advance if this is a daft question.

Currently, I have my JL Audio E110 sub connected to my Supernait 3 by RCA (sub out from the SN3 to the input on the sub). That much is clear.

What is not so clear to me is if I want to use the output on the sub back into the SN3 with separate RCA’s, where on the back of the SN3 would I plug this in.

This type of connection is what I’m trying to achieve, copied from JL Audio’s manual:

You can’t loop the output from the sub back to the supernait and listen to it, as the supernait is already playing input from your cd player or whichever source is selected.

Thanks @robert_h.

JL Audio recommends that setup to avoid the sub and speakers from playing the same frequency range and to liberate the amp from playing power hungry low frequencies. Anyway, I guess I can’t achieve this type of connection.

In that case, is the only way to connect the sub to the SN3 by sub out from the SN3 to the input on the sub? Or is there a better way?

Ignore the bit about the resistor as the sn2 and 3 have dedicated sub out sockets.
The supernait isn’t stressed by low frequencies.

The alternative is to take high level connections from the backs of your speakers.

Very helpful, thank you.

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