Connecting MacBook Pro to Uniqute 2

Any ideas of the best way of doing this ?

I have a nice shiny new MacBook Pro and want to find the best way to play audio through an old office system I use to play TIDAL via ethernet and the MacBook is fairly limited with connection options, so hoping to perhaps use USB C to drive the naim ?

You can use Tidal from the Naim app, which you will need in any case to control the streamer, so you don’t really need to hook it up to a computer.
If you really want to connect it to a laptop, you would need either a network connection, possibly using something like Audirvana, or an SPDIF connection if the laptop has one. If your laptop has an optical output, that would work, otherwise you would need a USB to SPDIF converter between them.


I have the naim app and use my ipad for this, probably worth me updating, but if I am say on YouTube and want sound from the main system, the only output is a 3.5mm headphone jack, which are no longer optical out as well, so its really Thunderbolt / USB C I think

I think the newer Macs have dropped the optical out, which would have been ideal for this type of use. A USB to SPDIF converter would do a similar job. Another alternative would be to connect a Chromecast Audio or Airport Express to the Uniti optical input if you are using apps on the Mac that support it.

I wonder if this will work okay, £35.00 but looks quite neat. Not sure how and where the conversion happens

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