Connecting my ND5XS query

At the risk of admitting to a schoolboy error…

So I thought I’d connect my new ND5XS2 to my NAC282 differently, bypassing the nDAC, just to hear how the native DAC peformed in comparison.

The nDAC is powered by a mains cable and a XPSXS via a burndy.

I removed the digital out cable running from the nDAC. I transferred the din link cable from the nDAC to the din analogue output from the ND5XS2.

No output.

What am I doing wrong?

In the settings, is Din out (analog) on Nd5xs2 enabled?

As above. The ND5xs2 is likely still set for digital out. Change this via the Naim app. We’ve all done it!

Btw, how does the ND5XS2 sound raw Vs via the ndac/XPS ? I think I know, but…

Tried that. Still nothing. :thinking:

Ummmm. No idea then? Do you have an option to drive via Din to the pre?

Well, there’s a DIN “analogue out” on the streamer and a DIN “in” on the preamp…

Well in that case, as Toyah Pillbox once opined…

It’th A Mythtery.

I’ll just wait for NAIM support and see if they can answer the query.

As soon as they can get to ticket number 87146.

I may be some time. :sleeping:

Did you restart the streamer after selelcting the different output?

No, but I’ll try that next.

Power off /reconnect/power on


Reconnect/power off/power on?

I would put it in deep sleep mode (press and hold the power button) then pull the plug. Maybe give it 5 minutes, then fire it up again.

I mean, having to do the “BBC reboot” on a modern streamer controlled by an app?

That’s just bizarre - like looking for the rubber band in an F1 car.

I’ll try it, though. :flushed::thinking:

Could be a faulty ND5 XS2. There have been lots of examples of relays In the new platform streamers failing and the change output option does use relays to make the actual switch happen.



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