Connecting NAC 552 A/V Out to RCA In

I’d like to connect the DIN A/V out of my NAC 552 into my V281 HP amp RCA Inputs.
I bought a cheap B&O 5-Pin DIN to RCA but apparently that won’t work. I’m told I could have a cable made but I don’t know how that would differ.
Should it work or what do I need?

Naim make an interconnect, and for very little money you can get one from Flashback Sales that absolutely will work as an interconnect. If there is some special requirement of your headphone amp, be sure you know what it is.

I’m using a Sarum T RCA/RCA from my ND555 to the V281. I just wanted to see what coming from a 552 Din source would sound like
It’s not that important now that I know the regular 5-Pin Din to RCA won’t work.
BTW, I replaced the Ansuz A2 DIN/DIN with a Chord Music. Nothing wrong with the Ansuz but I’m going all Chord.
I just replaced my 252 with a recapped/DR’d 552. I’m not going to upgrade my 300 DR.

You just need a cable that’s wired as an output cable. The sockets you can use on the 552 for this have both inputs and outputs available on the DIN socket. Just make sure your DIN to RCA cable is wired correctly at the DIN end to use the outputs.

I had intended to get Chord to build the cable but I’m now using the RCA output from the ND555.

In theory, your current setup should be best, as it’s most direct.

That’s what my Naim dealer said. The DIN output from the ND555 would be best but I’m using that to connect the ND555 to the preamp.

I checked it out but I didn’t know if I could get it in the U.S.

Yes, on my NDX2 I run RCA to a Heed headphone amp and DIN to the SN2 and just switch outputs in the app.

Anyway, your dealer should be able to make one - mine did for my second system. Otherwise Audio Sensibility in Toronto make very nice cables, that’s where I got my RCA and headphone cable from - quite excellent products and service.

Flashback ship here. If you ever want an inexpensive but reliable cable for something, they are a good source. They are pretty quick, too!


Thanks, I may order one just to do an A/B comparison with the ND555 RCA source.

Leatherneck, I have a similar system to you and I’ve done the comparison of cables for use with the v281 headphone amp. I have Naim ND555 into 52 pre and v281 headphone amp.

I bought the specially wired Flashback Premiere din to RCA (and also din to XLR just to try and have on hand) to run from my 52’s tape out in to the V281.

I’m in the USA and got it in 3 days. Shipping was a bit pricey though around $40 I think.

Flashback make great cables but I preferred direct connection from the rca output of the ND555 into the rca input of the v281 with an old chord cobra rca to rca cable I had on hand.

I use a din to din cable from Nd555 into 52 for speaker listening and I just use the Naim app to switch between din and rca output when I want to listen to headphones.

I just ordered a one meter.
I did it because I wanted to hear what DIN out of the 552 sounds like. I have Cardas RCA to XLR adaptors so I can connect both it and the Sarum T from the ND555 simultaneous to the V281. This will give me instant switching.
It’s not a fair comparison, the Sarum T has turned out to be really good. In any case, I can always use an RCA out of the 552 and the cost was minimal.

Let us know what you think when you get the cable.

On another note, how are you liking your 552 ? Looks like you bought the trade in 552 that Tyler from Next Level AV was selling…

Unfortunately, Dave is suffering from back pain and cannot work on my cable for a time. I canceled the order.
Yes, I bought the trade-in. It’s fairly old but just got back from Montreal after being recapped and DR’d.
It was also checked out by AV Options.
I was a bit concerned about giving up my nearly new 252 but I’ve dealt with Tyler for years and I’ll take his word for it’s condition.
My two Chord Music cables are almost brand-new so it’ll be a while before they settle in.

Sorry to hear about Dave at Flashback Sales.
Any first impressions of the 552 ?

I am a big fan of flashback cables. Just got their premiere cable 5 din to 5 din for my newly acquired CDS3. Top notch for £40.

My cables are brand new or newly new so it’s hard to judge. I notice that Internet radio sounds about as good as ripped CD’s on my NAS, everything sounds good. Late at night when the power is clean I just close my eyes and listen w/o distraction. I’m disappointed when I need to shut down.
I play whole playlists rather than pick and choose favorites from them.
If I had more space to permit full range speakers I’m sure I’d be amazed. I’d love to have Harbeth 40.2’s.
Tyler told me the preamp is the most important piece of my system but the one piece I wouldn’t part with is the ND555. Source First.

I do find the preamp a very important part of the system. The 552 is pretty special. I owned one years ago but downgraded.
I started upgrading again though and now have a late model ( 2001) 52 rebuilt by AV Options. This is the 4th time I’ve owned a 52. It does have a certain magic. Thoughts of a 552 DR do enter my mind every so often though…

Sometimes a big room and big speakers has it’s own set of problems with room acoustics and getting the right amount of bass.
I have a feeling a pair of Harbeth 30.2 can sound pretty special in a well set up system.