Connecting Naim Atom speakers

Moving from a large system to Atom
How can I connect my Wilson speakers to Atom
The cable provided cannot be connected to the watts Puppy
Also if anyone has done this test Atom with Large speakers I would love to read your feedback

Mullet of the year?

Welcome Renelhadad.

Wow, that’s a lot of speaker to run off a little Atom. Under normal circumstances I would advise against it, but I’m guessing here that you already have the Watt Puppys?

You could try it though - it may not be a complete disaster, as some years back Wilson used to recommend the combination of Sophia with Naim NAIT 5i. However, if you really wanted to stick with one box for the electronics then I would definitely recommend you try the Naim Uniti Nova, which is a lot more capable with such revealing speakers. Keep an open mind here, as the Watt Puppys do ask a lot of the electronics and maybe one box is just not enough.

p.s. IIRC the Wilsons need spades, in which case ask your dealer to re-terminate one end of the speaker cables with appropriate spades for the Wilson.

Thank you Richard for your feedback
I am downsizing and had some difficulty to let go the Wilson
I got already the Atom and wondering what kind of speakers can I use it with

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