Connecting Naim Nait 5 to Low Level input of Subwoofer : How?


There may be some articles dealing with how to connect a subwoofer to Integrated Naim, but I wanted to ask specifically for Nait 5.
On the back side of the Nait 5 there are connectors: Signal Out A and Signal Out B.
Can we use one of these signal out connectors by connecting it with a DIN to RCA adapter and connecting it to the low level input on the subwoofer?

thank you

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I don’t think you can do it with a bare Nait 5. If you used a Flatcap you’d have the necessary variable signal out socket. @Richard.Dane will hopefully know for sure.

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Yup, if you want to take a pre-amp level signal from the NAIT 5 you’ll need to be using a Flatcap or Hicap which then provides the necessary pre-out socket. The NAIT 5 does not have this socket just on its own. You’ll also need a slugged lead (preferably Naim’s own sub lead) to prevent instability.

Better is to feed a high level reference signal to the sub off the back of the speaker’s terminals.

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thanks for the answer to this question.
So my conclusion, if I want to connect Nait 5 (the first version of Nait 5), then I have to use Flatcap too.
Ok, if I have the opportunity to get 1 set of Naim in the form of:

  • CD 5 (first version CD5)
  • Nait 5
  • Flatcap
    so, can this Flatcap be enabled / connected to 2 other devices (CD5 and Nait 5) and at the same time it drives a subwoofer at low level input?

If it’s a Flatcap2 or 2x or 2xs then yes, you can use it to power both the pre-amp section of the NAIT5 as well as the analogue output stage of the CD5. Note that to do this you will need 2 x and 1 x SNAIC4. The Flatcaps came with a SNAIC5 as standard.

When you power the pre-amp of the NAIT5 with the Flatcap, it offers three stereo pre-outs. One will be used to feed to the NAIT’s power amp section, and you can use one of the others to feed a subwoofer, but only if the cable is suitable, as normally it doesn’t like to drive long interconnects (hence why the Naim sub lead is slugged with a 100R resistor).

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Hi Richard,

The available flatcap is Flatcap 2

I see a problem that may arise, that I have not provided an interconnect cable that is long enough (4m-5m) to the subwoofer, because this is Naim, before I used a standard RCA interconnect cable without a DIN head connector like the Naim standard.

If I make a fairly long (5m) interconnect cable with head 1 using DIN and head 2 using RCA, do I have to add a 100R resistor? how to connect it?

thank you

If you can’t get a Naim one then I would ask your dealer to make one up for you. The interconnect should be low capacitance. Naim used their lavender/grey cable and used a 100R resistor to load it.

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I am thinkting I’d better choose NAP-122X / NAP-150X rather than Nait 5 + Flatcap, besides of higher output power of NAP-150x, the subwoofer connector more convenience using NAC-122X because it has dedicated RCA connector to subwoofer

Am I right ?

It’s certainly more convenient, yes. There’s less risk of the resistor ladder volume encoder going wrong, and yes, it has the potential for better performance too.

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Or the wonderful NAC152XS, Naim’s ultimate slimline preamp.

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thank you for suggestion but now offer come from 122x/150x, I think it’s enough.
I actually used the Naim NAC-62/NAP-140 chrome bumper, but I was curious to hear the sound of the Naim classic series/black series, so I tried this 122X/150X offer

Do not reject the high level option:


I was going to suggest either a NaitXS or Supernait as all variants of these have a dedicated sub out too. That means that you can keep to a single box if you prefer, but moving to separates is never a bad thing! You may still be tempted to add a Flatcap as it will improve the 122/150.

Adam’s suggestion of a high level connection is also worth considering with any Naim amp.

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no offer for Nait XS or Supernait yet but one for NAC 122X/NAP 150X
Supernait 1 has an offer but I think it’s too old

Yes, with a Supernait 1 you would need to budget for a recap/service at some point soon.

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