Connecting Naim Uniti 2 to NAP 300

Hi everyone.

Need some advice. I own a Naim Uniti 2. Just adding a NAP 300 DR to upgrade, hence using the Uniti 2 as the pre-amp now. The Uniti 2 only has only ONE ‘pre-amp output (photo 1 circled red, left, 4 pin DIN’ ) which i connect to Ch 1 which is one of the NAP 300 ‘audio inputs’. But the NAP 300 has two ‘audio inputs’, Ch 1 and Ch 2. So now there is only sound from one speaker as i can only connect from the Uniti 2 pre amp output to one of the NAP 300 audio input channels.

The only other slot in the Naim Uniti 2 is the 'phono input (photo 1, circled red,right) which is a 240 5 pin DIN. That won’t work obviously.

Am i doing this wrong? How can i fix this so i have sound from both speakers? Any help is appreciated.


I run my superuniti with a 300DR, I use a 4 pin din to 2 x xlr ‘Y’ cable. I made mine, but I think you can buy them From flashback sales

You don’t do anything wrong … you need to have a special ‘Y’ cable with 1 DIN plug on one side and 2 XLR plugs to connect to the NAP 300 on the other side …

Roog was ahead of me …:smiley:

Whilst it is true that it is not a standard Naim cable it isn’t particularly special. If your source component has phono out you can also make a set of cables that do phono L & R to xlr L & R. That is, little different to non Naim cables

Thanks everyone. Appreciate the advice. Is there a good place to buy the Y cable? I’m based in the US. Something of good quality but not too expensive. I’ve broke enough after buying that demo NAP 300 :slight_smile:

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You and me both! That’s why I made a set, in fact I have tried several types of cable to see if there is any difference. (I didn’t hear any)

Just for reference, Naim’s standard signal cables issued With the 300 in the UK are 3 core mains flexes, 2A Rating I believe. Only two cores are used for each channel.

If your Naim dealer can solder reasonably well then they may be able to make something up with your existing leads; it’s fairly straightforward to siamese a pair of DIN-XLR leads into one DIN.

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Yes, exactly what my dealer did, 5 minute job.

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Now it is only a matter of time to have the first one commenting on the fact that a NAP 300 deserves a better front-end than a Uniti 2 :slight_smile:


252 :innocent:

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Lol. Before you guys reco any front end upgrades, pls reco a bank to rob first. I’m broke :sob:

Great idea! Tks much Richard

I’m afraid that is inevitable, and also that such a combination will be the cause of any issue that you might later think your system has.

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…slippery slope…

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Happy to report that i received my cable from Flashback Sales UK today. Amazing service, quick response from Dave. I ordered on Tuesday and it arrived today. They were recommended by Naim US also so that says a lot about the quality i guess. Thanks everyone here for your advice. Now it’s time for me to sit back and enjoy the music.
I know you’re going to tempt me to upgrade further. The NAC 272 is on the horizon! And possibly keep the Uniti 2 for CD play. I just need to save up or rob a bank :slight_smile:

Wow that is quick, it sounds like you have it up and running ok.
That is one thing in favour of the uniti range, when you do choose move on, (no rush btw) it so readily slots in somewhere else. I doubt if I will sell my SU, if nothing else my kids will probably fight over it!

Anyway, how does it sound? I have a Uniti2 feeding a headphone amp in my media room with a Nova on speaker duties. Always wondered how a Naim power amp on one of them would sound.

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I hear the SU is fabulous. The reason i got the Uniti 2 was for the CDs. I still love playing them and love the Naim swing door! Classic!

I’ll start by saying the Uniti 2 is not shabby at all. In A/B testing of Uniti2 with and without the NAP 300DR, the Uniti 2 is sounding better than ever. Maybe it’s starting to feel ‘jealous’ ahahahaa. I swear the Uniti 2 is sounding better now, strange!. Anyhoo… with there is an improvement with the addition of the NAP 300 DR, but i must say, not night and day. YET. That said, it’s sounding better as it warms up. I’m hearing a clearer improvement at low volume compared to high volume. Let’s give it a few weeks. Loving this adventure!

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