Connecting Nat 02 to a Hicap

Is it possible to connect my Naim Nat 02 Tuner with a Hicap to upgrade the sound? Which cable do I need and where do I have to connect it. What I think is to take a 5 pin Din 180 from the Nat 02 to a 5 Pin Din 240 (socket 4) of the Hicap (from 2009). Is that right? Thanks a lot. Have a good week. Regards.

Its not possible.
The 180 DIN on the 02 is signal output only

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The path to upgrade the sound from the NAT02 is to change it for a NAT01. If you can find one, they do pop up from time to time and are supposedly a major upgrade.

That said, NAT02 is quite capable so you might want to look into improving the aerial situation and/or have it checked at Naim UK / your local Naim distributor.

What you need is a NAT01.

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perfect then, one problem less. FM will soon terminate in Luxembourg, no
need for Nat 01. Sound is better than CD with my aerial. Remembered to have read yesterday about upgrading the Nat 02 with a Hicap. So this was crap this guy was talking about. Many thanks. Ps: My Rega Dac needs to carry the weight of the Nat 02 and the Hicap. That’s about 12 kg. Is it better to free the Rega Dac from this weight or can I leave it like this. Thanks a lot. So glad I only need a Hicap for my main system now. Regards.

It really sounds as though you need some decent shelves. There is no point collecting the boxes if you can’t support them properly.

No room left in my bedroom!

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