Connecting ND5XS2 to Chord Mojo 2

Does anyone know where in the UK I can source a good quality BNC to 3 5mm coaxial cable to connect the digital out on the streamer to the coaxial digital in on the Mojo? I want to do this so I can connect headphones when my NAC 282 arrives but other than paying exorbitant shipping to Moon Audio in the US can’t find anything. Thanks as always

Chord don’t seem to offer the BNC option on the Clearway 3.5mm equipped cable, but do so on the Shawline at twice the price. You should have a BNC to RCA adapter that came with the ND5XS2 you could use with the Clearway.

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You could ask anyone who is reasonably useful with a solder iron to make one, your dealer shou dbe able to do this.

You can make them a bit longer too, this one, which i use for headphone listening with a Mojo close by on the arm rest of my chair is possibly a bit on the long side for SPDIF, although it works without issue.

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