Connecting NDX to SN3

Where have you connect the source (NDX in my case) to on the SN3? Stream or tuner?

I ask it because on the “stream” input there is also an output signal on.

or doesn’t matter?

It doesn’t matter, though as one input is actually called stream it makes sense to use that.


Thx :+1:

For now i’m installing the NDX to te new SN3 :slight_smile:

I’ve connected with the 3,5 mini-jack so i can control the SN3 with the naim app. Volume and radio works fine. After i select another source like TV or UPnP of Spotify on the NDX, the knob on the front of the SN3 jumps to CD whereas it was on “stream”

How can i let the knob on the SN3 still on “stream” as i switch from source on my NDX?

Or i need to connect the NDX to the CD input, then it will always be connected and can play automatically without extra choice on the remote control of the SN3.

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My dealer connected my din from the NDX2 into the SN3 CD in din, sounds fine.
Cable also hangs free from contact with other cables.

Any particular reason he dident connect to the Stream input? Not that it makes any difference

I don’t know, the only logic would be that it avoids other cables from power supplies etc.
I only noticed when I looked following your query.

I have this same issue with SN3 and ND5XS2. Moving around streaming sources on the app keeps changing input to CD on SN3 (which I’m using for a CD player). Very annoying. I sent a request to Naim, they suggested restart/reset on the SN3, which didn’t help. Please update if you find a solution.

How is the SN3 to reset? Is it possible?

All the reset does is to restore it to factory defaults. Instructions are in the manual.

Can I control the inputs on the SN3 with de remote app?

Volume works fine. I guess it will only control my NDX.

If it’s possible, how to configure in the app?

Go to settings in the app. Also switch off the inputs not used (CD) and I think your original problem will be gone.

Hmm is the all be updated for the SN3?

See the pictures. There is no “stream” or “phone” to be switch on/off

Click on “Voorv CD” for example. There you can switch off/on this input as well as rename it.
Since it jumped from stream to CD it will probably be solved by switching off the CD (“VoorvCD”) in the app.

HDD = stream
AUX1= phono

It stil jumps to CD when you select another input in the NDX.

It sounds perfect and works fine. But strange.

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