Connecting New TV to Muso QB

We’ve just bought a new Panasonic TV for the kitchen and I plan to connect it to our Gen 1 Muso QB.
There seems to be two options - using the headphone socket with a 3.5mm jack cable, or digital/optical. The TV has a coax SPDIF output socket and the Muso has a toslink optical in socket. Will a connection between these two work? Amazon seems to sell cables configured for this.
Assuming the second route works, is that likely to be higher quality?

Are you sure your TV has a coax SPDIF?
This connection uses an RCA phono type socket.If so, a converter is needed.
If the TV as I suspect has an optical toslink SPDIF, then yes it can connect direct to your Qbs toslink socket.

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The manual describes it as:

(Coaxial Out)


Is this likely to be the correct cable?

Ah, ok it appears to be 3.5mm jack socket type that provides the optical digital signal.
I wouldn’t have called that coax but hey ho…
Yes that cable should work fine.
You may need to select Optical output on your TVs sound settings.

I’ll try a 3.5mm jack to see if it at least fits. The menu options might give a clue too!

At least with Amazon a return is dead easy.

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This cable pictured is regular optical → 3.5mm jack optical, eg the input on the side of gen 1 muso which is a combined 3.5mm jack stereo line in plus optical input.
If your tv only has digital coax output then you can’t connect it to a muso. You can’t go from digi coax to optical just via a cable. There are boxes you can put between that can convert from coax to optical.

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Thanks, Robert. Looks like the headphone output is my only option (as I don’t want the extra box. I’ll compare that to the normal TV sound to see if it’s worth bothering with connecting the Muso.

I don’t recall seeing a Panasonic TV with a coaxial digital output. In my experience, they’re always optical…


That’s what I use with my tv connecting to my NDX2 using optical. I would guess your tv has optical output. What model is it?

Interesting, Matthew. It’s a TX-32JS360B.
I should probably contact Panasonic to ask whether that output is digital or optical.
(Or as suggested above, just try the cable and if it doesn’t work, return it.)

The product page is pretty clear:

  • Digital Audio Output (Coax): 1 (rear)
  • Digital Audio Output (Optical): —

Though I agree, it’s very unusual for TVs.

It is! That clears it up. I’ll stick to the headphone out as I don’t want an extra converter box.

Yes definitely spdif coax.

As others have said it sounds like coaxial. I assume you can see a coaxial socket on the back of the tv?

Yes, and I’d seen the diagram Robert has copied. It assumed it was digital, but was hoping it might have been optical (as that’s what the Qb takes).

It’s not a “real” Panasonic, i.e. design/manufacturing outsourced to Vestel which would explain coax rather than optical out.

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