Connecting passive pre and NAP 500

I currently use a Flashback cable to link my Allegri, RCAs, to NAP 500. Does anyone have experience of a suitable higher quality cable?
Or is it worth spending much more?
( Please no “anti-cable” or science etc )

Give Townshend a call and they will probably loan you some Fractal interconnects to try. They use the same wire in the Allegri.

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Thanks, I’ll certainly try them.

Hi Stillgassin, I am interested to hear of your experience with the Allegri. Are you using a main source with your passive pre and NAP ?

I’m using an Innuos into MScaler/Dave to the Allegri. I tried the Chord directly into the 500, but much prefer it with the Dave output fixed and into the pre. In fact even using the Allegri at fixed volume and volume control via the Dave was preferable to no pre amp at all.

At least that was my impression.

Interesting, I have an Allegri, but couldn’t get it sounding as good as my 282. Since adding Dave to my system, I’ve been meaning to give the Allegri another try before I finally give up and sell it. I’ll give it a try later this week.

Mine sits on a heavy shelf and Improvised isolation in the form of folded bubble wrap seems to help, Might seem bizarre but mine is one of the early light ones and I have previously found benefit from supporting a light weight phono stage in the same way.

Thank you Stillgassin, that is interesting, the Chord DAC line up all have very low output impedance which I can imagine drive the Allegri with ease. I tried a Chord Hugo TT2 directly into my NAP 300 and wasn’t thrilled with the outcome.

I was wondering if anyone used the Allegri in between an NDX2 and a NAP 250/300/500 ?

Hi Roog, I use an Allegri+ between an NDS and a 250DR. I also used it between a Dave and a 300DR. I didn’t notice any real change in SQ when I removed it, maybe a little bit more transparent now. I’m now using Dave direct to 300DR.

@Chag and Martin Colloms ( from Hificritic) use the Allegri with nap 300 or 500.

I had heard this, though when I read his list of equipment used in the audition, I’m never quite sure what the source is or whether it is all in the signal chain. I know that he did have an NDS with NAP300 or 500 at some point, just not sure. I can’t easily borrow a Townshend Allegri to try this out, perhaps i will have to travel a bit further.

I am quite sure that Martin uses naim amp in most cases , as a personal system. Don’t think he uses permanently the Dagostino amplification. ( from other reviews I read from him)
But not 100% sure…

Bristol show coming up soon perhaps I can ask him to clarify. :0)

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You can ask him by mail too. See the Hificritic page contact site.

This is true FR. I have started a similar thread on Critic, I expect Martin will respond in time.

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Why not try one at home and return if not satisfied. It must be possible via some sites. Because some also didn’t liked the Allegri with Naim…

Thanks FR, I agree I have spoken with a chap at Icon4, they would sell me one and offer to take it back if it didn’t work, but then i would have to arrange to borrow an NDX2 from another dealer to complete the demo.

Its all too much organising for me! It would be good to try it all in one place and not have to drive 2 hours both ways for the demo. Perhaps i ask for too much.

So you can hear both at same place ? If yes, it’s perfect.

Perhaps i can convince my dealer to get a Townshend in from somewhere, if it works they get to sell me an NDX2 as well :0)

Yes, good idea. If you insist and say him it’s the only way to buy his ndx2, it may work. Good luck :blush: