Connecting Power Amp to Nova

Some advice if I may…
Currently running the Nova into my Kudos X2’s and enjoying the music.
Previous system was a 172 / 250-2. I have sold on the 172 but still have the 250-2 so was going to hook it up to the Nova just to see how it sounds. This is not about upgrading as such (although I see on some threads that some have connected some pretty beefy power amps to their Novas) but more as an ‘try it and see’ just because it’s there. I may well sell on the 250-2 yet.
My question is connecting it. I obviously have the snaic that came with the 250-2 … will this work?
I assume I could also connect 2 phono - 2 phono lead. Will any phono lead be ok?
Also will I need to change from default to floating?
Just want to make sure I get it right.

Thanks for any advice.

Yep. Just connect it to the preamp out socket on the Nova. No need to change the ground switch.

The lead that comes with the 250 is not a Snaic, but a din to XLR lead. Connect it to the Nova’s preamp out, as James wrote above.

Many thanks @james_n and @hungryhalibut
I just wanted to make sure there would be no issues.
Apologies HH for my incorrect terminology… at least you knew the lead I meant :grinning:

Every day is a school day!

I’ll be interested to hear what you make of adding the 250.2 to your Nova, as I’m considering that too.

Although I’m not in the fortuitous circumstance of having a spare one hanging around!


It’s only that I haven’t decided what to do with it yet so I thought I would just ‘try it’ and see if it brings anything extra to the party

I’ll be interested to see what you think. I borrowed a 250DR from my dealer to try with the Nova as I thought (think) the speakers could do with more beef but have to say I was underwhelmed.

But others have had a more positive experience. I have found switching to a SN3 and moving the Nova to other duties more satisfying (and ultimately more expensive!).

The person who bought a 250DR from me initially used it with his Nova and found little difference. He later traded the Nova for a preamp.

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