Connecting Sky Q to a 552

Is it possible, is it worth it?

What do I need?

I do it via a Naim streamer. Toslink from Sky Q / or TV digital hub to streamer, then to 552. Ensure SkyQ / TV digital hub is outputting Stereo PCM to the Toslink.
Sounds pretty good to me…

I do the same…virgin media box via toslink to Naim streamer. Really very good.

Ok, but what if you don’t use a streamer?

PB - Do you just intend to use your normal stereo speakers or use it with centre and rears too ?. If the former, you’ll need a DAC. A nice match for the rest of your kit would be a used Naim DAC. As Simon mentions, connect it to the Q box via a Toslink optical cable and you’re good to go.


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Thanks James, I will only be using the Titans as a two channel system. Karen & I don’t want any more speakers in the front room.

I will look at a used Naim Doc and look at hooking it up to the Q box.

Thanks for all the help.

Kind regards


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… or an old Naim av2.

I’m going to guess that for 2 channel only the Naim Dac will outperform the AV2. My own set up is Virgin box into an AV2 via toslink, then AV2 into a 252 but then I do full the full AV thing (5.1) hence the AV2. If I was just 2 channel then it would be via the Naim DAC or some other dedicated 2 channel DAC.

Well use a DAC instead… you need to convert the digital audio to analogue some how…
I guess you could use the headphone output of your TV if it had one to connect a NAC input… not tried it, I suspect sonically would be quite compromised however.

I would look at the TV connections before spending too much money. Use whatever analogue out the TV has to get a flavour of the sound. And then buy a streamer :slight_smile:

I don’t have a TV, I have a monitor. Its just a picture without sound. The sound comes from the sky box and the Blu ray player I have.

How do you currently listen to it?

I have the Sky box and Blu ray connected straight into the 552 using Din to RCA cables.

An older Sky box? I still have two of those…

If that’s the case then you already know that TV can sound good.

Because the Q box only has digital connections then you need to get that converted to analogue. You can use pretty much any DAC. It doesn’t have to be Naim…

Indeed, there are extremely cheap DACs you can use for this. A friend who has no interest in HiFi just bought one for exactly this purpose, for ÂŁ18.00. He decided against the budget model for a tenner!

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You need to be aware that isolation is important. Using these cheap devices (of their crappy power supplies) can cause loops and compromise the sound quality of your whole system. I have bad mains in my house, and audio out of my TV into a Nait 5 gave issues. Squeezed an AV2 in, hum / buzz gone.

I was going to suggest upgrading the monitor for a nice 4k smart display, but most I have looked up have gone the SkyQ route and dropped RCA anologue output.
Your basically stumped into getting that separate dac.

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