Connecting SN2 as power amp

Hi all,

I’ve got a NAC282 + NAPSC incoming (lucky me!) with the plan to use my current SN2 as the power amp. I’ve read a number of other forum members have done this successfully. My eventual longer term goal is to replace the SN2 with a NAP250. Note, I also have a HiCap DR in my current setup.

Having consulted the user manual, this forum, and various other PDFs outlining Naim amplifier connections, I wanted to confirm the following as I’m a tad confused:

  1. Connect a SNAIC5 from Upgrade 1 or link 1 on NAC282 to socket 4 of HiCap DR
  2. With the Link Plug removed from SN2, connect a SNAIC4 from power amp in to socket 3 of HiCap DR
  3. Nothing plugged in to pre-amp out on SN2
  4. Press and hold the flashing mute button on the SN2 to clear the indicated fault

Does that sound about right?

Yep. That’s it.

Just make sure Link plug 2 is left in place on the 282 and you’re good to go :+1:


Gotcha, thanks!

Congratulations, I added a NAC 282 with SNAIC to my SN 2 a couple of years ago and it was a wonderful upgrade.

A used 250 DR came available shortly after that and my SN 2 had wonderful trade in value towards the power amp.

Let us know how the upgrade went once you have everything up and running.


I went the same route, nac 282 with SN2, then 250DR. 282 was an instant hit. The 250 was disappointing at first though and I considered returning it. Only when I removed a power conditioner did it feel like an upgrade, and then adding dedicated mains made it really start to shine.


Another recommendation from me for this route and agree with all the above … enjoy, it’s fun listening to the improvements each step brings

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I am on the same path here, I have been contemplating adding a separate preamp to my SN2 for a while now, a preloved 82 in particular. Am I correct in assuming the integrated can power the 82 in the same way it can power a 282 without a HC attached to it? I do not have a HC currently, which I will probably add on a later stage, but initially I wonder if a 82/SN2 combo without a separate PSU is possible.

Yes you can do this. The SN2 provides a single 24v rail from its Power Amp In socket to power a preamp.

You just need a SNAIC4 to connect this socket (once the link plug is removed) to the Supply From Power Amp socket on the 82 (Leave link plugs 1 and 2 in place)

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Thanks James!

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@stevot I’ve been toying with adding either a 282 or 250 dr to my SN2. I currently have a HCDR on my SN2. Based on what you appear to be saying am I to assume that the 282 gave you a greater improvement than the 250dr? I’m wondering which to go for first.

I went with the NAC 282 first but others have gone with the NAP 250 first. Both camps have reported positive results.

I already had the HiCap DR and went with the preamp first and thought it was a wonderful upgrade. A short time later a 2 year old 250DR was traded in at my dealer and picked that up.

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thanks @seakayaker With the new line out I expect hope to see lots of 282’s and 250 DR’s available. Would love to get the new 300 and streaming pre but alas it’s out of my price range at the moment. Some day…


If you intend to buy either a 282 or a 250 it makes little sense to keep the Supernait as trading it in for the other box wouldn’t be such a big outlay. I would just buy whichever box, pre or power amp, you find a good deal on first, rather than agonising over which is the best move.

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I plan to switch to the 282/hcdr/250 dr from my sn3 hopefully starting later this year (need to save a bit first). I’ll buy whichever is cheaper first then get a vague estimate on what I need on top of trading in for whatever’s left. Considering the 250dr replacement is already out I’m hoping it’s second hand price might go down over the course of the year.


A 282 came up first so I just went with that. I still had the SN2 when I got the 250, but never tried that combination - the 282 just sounded too good to take out!

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If the 250 had come up first I’d have gone that route instead. Plus the dedicated mains I’m sure too.

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