Connecting Stageline to HiCaps and Unit2

Hi there I am pretty confused about how i connect my Stageline to a HI CAPS and then to my Uniti 2.

I want to use the HICAPS to power the Stageline (and because there is only one DIN available for this - 5 pin Din on the Uniti2)

Which DIN plugs go where on the units ?

Thanks in anticipation of your help


As you say, normally you would power the Stageline via a SNAIC5 cable from the phono DIN socket, which also supplies power to the Stageline.

I’d suggest to use a Hicap to power the Stageline with the Uniti 2, use a DIN4 to 2xRCA cable from socket 3 of the Hicap to one of the RCA inputs (an1 - 3). The Stageline would be connected to Hicap socket 4 via a SNAIC5 cable.

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Thanks James. You think this would be better than using a DIN4 to DIN5 between the HICAPS and the Uniti 2 ?


That 4-5 cable uses a DIN5 180 deg connector rather than the 240 deg version you’d need for the Uniti 2, so that unfortunately won’t work.

Have a look at the link below and you’ll see what I mean

Thanks so much James for your expert help !


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No worries :+1:

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