Connecting subs on a nac552dr

Hi everyone,
I’m a lucky froggy owner of a naim500 set,and it’s my first time asking for your help here,not finding the answer on the existing topics.
My nac552 and nap500 are connected together following naim’s connection guide recommendations,so using my nac 552 ps outputs number 2 and 3.Is the number one which seems to be the only variable one remaining usable for connecting subs?
Nobody here in France have been able to confirm it was the way to proceed and connect subs on my nac,but I can see here that some forumers have actually subs connected to there nac552 gear.
Sorry if it has already been discussed about but I didn’t get it here…
Thanks a lot for your help

Yes, you can use output 1 for a sub. If you do, the lead must be of appropriate resistance and may need a resistor added. Naim can advise on this.

Alternatively, connect the sub to the back of the speakers, using the sub’s high level input.

Hi. Having tried both ways; firstly connecting directly to a flatcap xs output, which has been replaced by a ‘cap’, now using a sub via speaker connections - the later works/sounds best (in my setup): use sub(s) that have this facility (just added a Rel myself) :blush:

Thanks a lot for your help!
My sub is equipped with these hi output connections,but my speaker cables are super lumina,which cost an arm and a leg😂,I won’t afford another pair for this,whereas I do agree with you,in my case I do prefer how it sounds with this high level outputs on a smaller secondary system.
I wanted to try a more affordable mini dsp between the nac output and the sub to use short interconnects out of the preamp and being able to adjust acoustic response of the sub.Not sure to be a good alternative but it’s worth triyng.
Thanks again for the time you spent giving me such good advice.

Hi I use 552/500 together with a Velodyne DD10+ sub (which is very fast & fantastic) I use output one and use Mogami cable to sub as a stereo pair. In your case if you have 2 subs you would take one cable (one channel) to each sub. This output for me works fantastic … my cable length is around 5m.

I would recommend connecting from the speaker terminals. The good news is that you won’t need to buy Super lumina - it just needs a reference signal so pretty much any cable will do - we used Chord Ley Line in the factory, which is nice and thin and easy to dress and hide - cheap too!

DSP just on subs might be an issue … as the DSP causes a delay to signal to the sub … Try and speak to Xanthe on the forum. My Velodyne uses DSP to measure the response then adjusts the output … so there is no lag… My view is I dont like anything hanging off the end of the NAP500 speaker cables… the low level output does work great with no timing issues and the bass detail is amazing… I think HH is right if you run very long cables there can be stability issues…

I thought I was to put the sub connected between the amp and the speakers but if I do understand(right this time😂)the sub high level inputs can be connected directly to the speakers!So I can use the SL cables from the nap500 to my speakers then a cheaper cables from my speakers to the sub,am I right?not sure my ignorance will help froggy’s cause in england😂
As my second sub is not high level input equipped let’s use Richieroo’s solution for this one with a Mogami not too long interconnect instead of a dsp.
Thanks a lot!


Thank you Richard

I believe your speakers have dual purpose sockets that allow the use of either banana plugs or spade connectors. So if your SL cables have bananas, use any cheaper cables with spades and you will have an easy way to connect them.
If you use a low level connection from the preamp you then have the option to use DSP, which may help with integration of the sub. Without DSP you should be able to run a long cable, certainly up to 10m should be OK, but you should contact Naim to see if this needs to be ‘slugged’ with a resistor to work with the 552.

You’re right Chris my speakers are fitted with two ways to connect so no worry about that.As I have been told before in the topic the issue with a dsp is the delay it may bring to a sub,but i assume there will be a delay anyway with a sub as it’s also fitted with a crossover,but it’s far from the topic.
I’ll contact naim’s support about the resistor needed and if no answer I’ll use a 5m long Mogami one as it has proved to other forumers to work great.
I’ll try to experience that ASAP in order to keep you advised of what sounded best in my room,should it be useful for another member…
Thanks a lot for your help

If you want to use DSP on the sub only, I’m sure it is possible. I believe @Xanthe has done this with a miniDSP, she may be able to advise?

Richard - was under the impression that high level connection should not be used with 500 due to it being a ‘bridged’ design as per the manual. Or does this depend on the exact sub in question…?

Ah yes, I have heard of this being a possible issue. My mistake for overlooking the fact it was a NAP500, so thank you for the reminder. I don’t know if it’s dependant on the type or model of subwoofer though. Under those circumstances it may be safer to use the low level. The shame is that adding the low level i/c to the Pre-amp output is perhaps not totally transparent, even when slugged. It was one of the reasons I took the n-Sub off my own system in the end, preferring SL-2s just on their own.

Hmm. Interesting as I have a sub demo arranged for next week and was assuming that the low level connection is my only option (obtained slugged lead from flashback cables in preparation). Disappointed to hear that there may be a negative impact on the 552. Are you able to get a definitive answer on this question as to whether or not a high level connection is safe? And if it is, could it be taken from the amp speaker terminals rather than the speaker end of the speaker cable?

I certainly wouldn’t take a sub signal from the terminals of any Naim amp.

The negative impact of low level connection was pretty small, but I felt it was there all the same. The issue I would guess is that the pre-amp was never designed to drive such cabling.

As for the NAP500 and a sub, probably best to clarify with Naim.

Ok - thanks

Not so simple is it?So maybe using the third variable output of the nac to first connect it to a dsp which then be connected to two or more subs would be the safest way to proceed?Not using high level output from the nap500 with the possible associated issues,not using too long a cable from the nac that would degrade the music…

I don’t hear any negative impact on 552 … don’t worry it will sound superb!!!