Connecting Supernait 2 to an external headphone amp

I have a Supernait 2 and am not too impressed with the headphone amp stage - I am told the headphone stage on the SN3 is no better. I have it mind to connect a separate headphone amp to the SN2. I am currenty thinking of a non-Naim model, such as a Violectric HPA V200 - as I have heard that independent HPAs are often better than the Naim HeadLine2, which is an old design.

Anyway, regardless of which headphone amp I get, my query is as follows:-

Am I right in saying that I can plug a 5 pin DIN cable into the AV in/out socket on the SN2 (or the HDD in/out socket) with twin RCA phonos on the other end, plugged into the Violectric V200? Will this work as long as the “REC out” pins of the DIN plug are linked to the RCA phonos?

And is it true to say that the signal passing across from SN2 to Violectric HPA will be whatever input is selected on the SN2 (eg CD or tuner or DAC…). Also, is that a fixed (max) level output, so that the headphone volume will be completely driven by the volume control on the Violectric HPA?

5-pin DIN to 4-RCA is the safest bet that the two outbound channels are going to work. It reduces confusion, at least.


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Yes, you’re correct on both assumptions.

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