Connecting Supernait 2 to Flatcap XS

I recently upgraded to a SN2 from XS + Flatcap XS. Before I sell the Flatcap I’m interested to hear what difference, if any, it makes to the SN2. I have no idea how to connect it though - can anyone help ? Cheers

As you did with your NAIT XS, you will need a SNAIC4 and a SNAIC5. The connection is pretty much the same with the Supernait 2; ensure all is switched off before you start. Remove the link plug from the rear of the Supernait. Connect a SNAIC5 between Pre-Amp OUT and Power OUT A on the Flatcap. Then connect a SNAIC 4 from SIGNAL OUT A on the Flatcap to POWER AMP IN on the Supernait.

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Brilliant , thank you very much Richard. Pete

Well after you ll connect the flatcap your sn2 may sound like the xs.

Haha! I’ve just connected it , not noticed much difference yet . Will leave it on for a couple of days and see…

The Flatcap is not as good as the SN2’s inbuilt DR supply. I’d sell it.

Yes I think you’re right

Good as the FCXS is in the right context, I think you are asking a bi touch of it.

I’ve just taken it off, SN2 now sounds much better - deeper and more controlled bass .

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*a bit much

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